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May 2010

Nursing at LRMC

Things are changing. The patient load is becoming a little more of what I guess I thought it would be like to work at LRMC. For a time, about all we were getting were local patients. Lots of diverticulitis, lap-chole's, and the like. Now...well, things are changing.

Over the past two weeks our caseload has went from a mixture of locals and a few soldiers from down-range with either minor injuries or medical conditions to an entire new game. I was feeling like it was any other hospital throughout the US with the only difference being that the average age of patients was about 26. We are seeing lots of wounded soldiers now. Amputations, burns, multi-trauma. And they are so young....I have a Canadian patient who is 20 that is breaking my heart!

It's difficult because from a professional level, I am enjoying the learning and the experience. But on a personal and emotional level, it's really difficult to see and deal with.

I hope every night that I can say the right thing and be supportive enough. The wounds that we see are only the beginning. Although most of these boys are dealing well, there are always a few that seem to be having trouble. Recognizing this and being able to support them is important to me. I haven't been there....won't be going there (down-range) and cant even begin to understand what it's like there. I'm not certain that I can offer the proper support that's needed. But, I try...

That's all for today...just needed to vent a little.

So, when you see a soldier returning from the war...remember to say 'Thank you', or give them a smile as you pass them on the street. I still don't believe in what we are doing over there but I support our soldiers!!

Thanks too to all of the NATO troops. You guys ROCK! Thank you for standing beside the US, fighting the same fight and trying to make a difference.

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I feel lazy....

I just spent 3 full days in Amsterdam and didn't see half of what I probably should have. I spend most of my weekend wandering around lost from coffee shop to coffee shop. NO, not those kind of coffee shops!! I simply walked slowly by those, deeply inhaling....scared to go in for fear that temptation might get me into more trouble than I was ready for.

My first impression of Amsterdam was 'Damn, it's filthy here' ! I found out later that the garbage workers decided to go on strike this week. According to the locals, they want a 1.5% raise and the government is only willing to give them 1%. All this nastiness for 0.5% !

My trip to Amsterdam (unknown to me), fell during the 2010 Giro d'Italia. Some sort of big bike race, read about it on the link if your interested. I will suffice it to say that all it did for me was create more garbage/filth, and cause a transit nightmare! The main road to my hotel and the only route that I was really familiar with was completely shut down on Saturday. I ended up doing a lot more walking than I had planned.

I had planned to head out to the Keukenhof Gardens in the morning and spend the afternoon taking a free boat ride and seeing the Anne Frank Museum then an evening of beer tasting. My plans were changed as it ended up taking me until 1230 to even get to the gardens. I spent a couple hours winding my way around the gardens feeling pretty lonely, everyone was snapping pics of each other with a great background. It was pretty but sadly, there are no pics of me (actually, there are a couple of self-shots but they are really bad and won't get posted here!) Here are a few of my favorite pics from the Gardens. I love the one of the dog...for whatever reason, it reminds me of Astro the Dog from the old cartoon The Jetson's!

By the time I got back into the city, it was nearly 4pm. I headed to the Heineken Museum for the tour. I've been told that this is a great experience so not to be missed. It was a good time and I ended up getting an extra beer for being a good student and answering a question correctly! YEah, me! I'm not a huge fan of Heineken beer but I do have to say that it was pretty damn good fresh and ice cold from the factory!


An evening tour of the Red-Light District was informative and fun. We ended with Jagermeister shots and a young Londoner hitting on me...maybe I should have ....nah.....maybe....damn, I should have had one more shot.....!!

A few other sights:

Random Amsterdam CIMG3684.jpg

Hooks at the top of the older buildings used for hauling up furniture!CIMG3677.jpg

Toilets everywhere for the men....I think they forgot that women need to pee too!CIMG3764.jpg

The boat that I waited nearly an hour for to take me across the canal during the race CIMG3743.jpg

Wooden Shoes and Dutch Dancers: CIMG3741.jpgCIMG3725.jpg

Graffiti (you know I have to include it.....) CIMG3667.jpgCIMG3669.jpg

Leidseplein Square Chess: CIMG3660.jpgCIMG3659.jpg

Other: CIMG3675.jpgCIMG3661.jpg

I have decided....I am tired of traveling alone!!! Someone....please come and travel with me!!!

For more pics click HERE.

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