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Next steps....after the job offer

So...what next?

I got the job offer along with a pack of paperwork that needs filled out and deciphered. I have a to-do list that is increasing by the moment and a list of questions about half-mile long.


In the email containing my job offer, was they requested that I give them a 'tentative start date?' Hmmmm, well....it's nearing the holidays so do I want to stay and spend them with the family before I head out? Or do I want to enjoy the pre-Christmas season in Germany? I think I have decided to get there as soon as they can work out the paperwork (Trinity is thinking about maybe...Paris for NEw Years). Who really knows how long it might take for them to get me there? Could be days....weeks....months? At the rate that things have moved so far, it might be Spring before I make it there.

First things first. I accepted the job offer with an ASAP tentative start date! Yep, bet your surprised :o} No, really after all this time and waiting and anxiety, do you really think that I would do anything but accept it?

I have the paperwork mostly filled out except one section that I am not certain about. I emailed CPAC (Civilian Personnel Advisory Center) about the questions and hopefully I will have an answer on Monday so that I can complete the paperwork and get my travel orders. Once I receive the travel orders, I will take a trip to Ft Knox in Kentucky in order to meet with the Transportation Department to arrange flights, shipment of personal items, etc. Again, I don't have any idea how long this might take....

Next, I emailed my request for a sponsor. Well...I tried to. Seems that the email address that they gave me is invalid so I have to wait for them to give me the correct address in order to complete this item. What is a sponsor? It's my understanding that a sponsor is another civilian employee that has volunteered time in order to assist lost souls like myself to make a smooth transition overseas. In addition, my sponsor will meet me at the airport and get me to the temporary housing that he/she will make reservations for! Sweet!!! I am also hoping that my sponsor knows of a great pub in town to celebrate actually making it there. If not, I think I might be able to find one on my own....maybe not a good one, but at least a pub! I am looking so forward to sampling the local brews.

Next on the agenda is to call Ft Knox on Monday (certainly acting like a clueless civilian) to attempt to find out where, how and what I need to do in order to get my Official RED Passport....wow, that makes me sound important. Not really and I'm not even certain why I need one, but I was told that I needed to get one as soon as possible in my email. No clues in the email as to how to go about this so I am taking a leap here by calling Ft Knox and therefore 'acting like a clueless civilian'!

More updates soon....

Click here for more information about where I'll be working.

Posted by Khandilee 22:06

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It all sounds so exciting. What is the significance of a red passport? I know you will love it there. Its on my "Bucket List" of places I want to see. Make sure you post LOTS of pictures

by sharon mclaughlin

Sharon: I don't know the sig of the red passport except it is only issued to gov't emp and military. Not sure why I have to have one.

You and hubby are welcome to come visit anytime!!

by Khandilee

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