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As the realization of the fact that I am soon leaving Germany slowly sinks in; I have been thinking about what I want from the next chapter in my life. Have I come to any conclusions? No, not really. I have said to myself many times and several times to others....'I'm going home to no car, no home, and no job' and although I am terrified about it, there is a certain amount of excitement and adrenaline that comes with it. I am constantly amazed at people and their kindness. I actually had someone here offer to let me use their car in the states until I can get on my feet. I declined the offer but it's interesting to note that it was offered.

Right now, my life is consumed with the constant barrage of paperwork. Between attempting to find a job to the process of leaving my employment with the DOD, I could fill a pick-up truck with the loads of paperwork that has been filled out, emailed, faxed and mailed. Sometimes I think that I actually thrive on the constant state of influx and not knowing what's happening next; other times it drives me crazy. (the previous was actually written a week or so ago and I am just now getting back to finishing).

I am currently finished with all the paperwork, sitting in front of the fire at the hotel with Aco at my feet with a bone to occupy her and a cup of coffee to content myself. It's very relaxing after nearly a month of constant stress and challenges thrown my way. I am done....finished....ready to start the next chapter.

It's a little sad. I have developed friendships with some that will always be with me. I am most sad about leaving my work. It's been a wonderful and rewarding experience working with our American soldiers both as patients as well as co-workers. I have seen several of our army nurses leave to go downrange and heard some of their stories and experiences. I have first hand witnessed what this war means to the military community and families and the sacrifices that they give. It has been an enlightening experience and one that I will never forget. A heartfelt thank you to all that serve.

Who knows what the next chapter will hold for me.... Life is full of experiences and I am happy that I am open to let life happen to me rather than dictate where my life will go. It's full of adventure if you open yourself up to it....sometimes the adventure isn't quite what you expected and I have often wondered about the adventure that is now closing. It will be interesting in 6 months, a year, 10 years....what my thoughts are about my experiences that I have had here in Germany. There have been times of struggle, sadness and bitterness but also of laughter, joy and surprise. With all the good and bad, I will cherish the experience that I have had.

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one word....INDIA!!! :-) be good to catch up when you're settled...

by Mike

Candy, You can't just transfer to another DOD hospital?? Just wondering :)

by Monica

Candy can't wait to have you back. You have been DEARLY MISSED. YEAH CANDY IS COMING HOME!!!!

by Aaron Rainey

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