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The Nitty Gritty on the Job

Since I've been here almost a month, I thought it was probably time to update you on the work side of things. It's been chaotic to say the least.

My first two weeks were spent with a Sponsor. It's my understanding that the Sponsor is supposed to get you through the in-processing, help you find a car, and a house and just simply help you settle in and get all the paperwork completed.

Unfortunately, my sponsor (god love her...she tried), had NO idea what I needed to do! So, we spent the first two weeks running around in circles. Go here to do this and find out that you can't do it until you have something else done first...get lost trying to find the other thing and finally find it to see that they are at lunch for the next hour. This was the process during the ENTIRE first two weeks....uggghhhh!

There isn't any sort of support or distinct processes for the civilians coming in and I have made this my own pet project to improve. I hope that those coming in after me don't have the frustrations that I have had. I have been fortunate to connect with two other civilians that came in the same time as I did and we have tried our best to support and help each other.

I'm on week number 4 now and I think I have most everything done and am ready to start focusing on the work aspect of the job.


In-processing paperwork
Bought a car (been lucky that it's still running)
Obtained Auto Insurance (super easy)
Opened a local Bank Account (cant do much here without a local account)
Got drivers license (this was a process, failed the first time).

Wow! When I write it down, it certainly doesn't sound like I've done much.....

To Do:

Find Housing (need to get this done SOON)
Sign up for benefits (have to hurry on this as it's due by the 30th)

I still have two BIG items to complete and I'll be officially DONE!!

The Job....

I've been very lucky on the floor that I was placed on. The staff are great! They have all been welcoming and helpful. I already feel like part of the team (at least on the day-shift).

Most of the nurses on the floor have less than 2 years experience and I can see already that I will probably be a resource on nursing issues.

I'm slowly learning the 'chain-of-command' and appropriate protocol.

So far I have seen the following types of patients:

- appendectomy
- gunshot wound to hand
- ski accident resulting in broken femur
- septic shoulder wound
- s/p IED blast w/multiple trauma: LBKA, R Disarticulate Hip, trach,
- kidney stones
- s/p IED blast w/pelvic, sacral and RLE trauma
- Pancreatic pseudocyst

The nurse:patient ratios are some of the best that I have ever seen (although this might be because we are slow right now).

We have our two trauma patients on 1:1, and the rest of the nurses have no more than 3 patients at a time. It's a slow speed and will probably take me some time to get used to.

I'll try to update more soon....

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I admire you darlin, get all the kinks worked out and fill me, i may wanna give it a try to. I miss ya and wish you all the best.

by Darren

Wow, sounds like you are up and running! Kudos on nearly completing your to-do list...hang in there, two more items to go. Take good care of yourself!
Love you,

by Kim

Wow, that is impressive! I bet the driver's license exam was indeed challenging. Do they drive on the left there? How about the language barrier? Do any of the patients speak English? You are the only person I know braver than myself! We both will do anything to travel! I can empathize with the to-dos. I'm trying to get a health insurance policy by NY's and almost there. The one I have stinks! Take care and thanks for the updates! Did you get my C'mas card yet?
Hope you have a great 2010,

by Pam

Thanks to all. I found a house today!!! I'll move on the 10th of January so pics will come soon. It has a wonderful garden that Aco will love!!

Pam...I didn't get the card yet but haven't been able to get to the post office in the past couple of days; going to try to make it tomorrow!!

by Khandilee

Hello! I was just reading some of your blog. My boyfriend who is in the military is hoping to go to Germany next year and of course I'd like to go with him. I currently work in HI and used to work at Tripler Army Medical Center, so I've worked in a military hospital before for a year and half. It sounds like your working at the army hospital correct? How did you go about applying? I'd greatly appreciate ANY advice in the whole process. We dont want to get married just cause this all will be easier. I'd rather see how to apply on my own and get down there on my own. ANY advice will be appreciated! Thanks!

by Stephanie

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