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So today started out wonderful. I was able to find my way back to and around Eglin AFB and avoided the nasty Bitch from yesterday. This made me pretty happy! I walked out with my flight confirmation in hand. I will be leaving on December 1st.

I have a mere 18 more days in the US. It’s very exciting and at the same time a little bit daunting. I know that I will miss everyone while I’m gone. I can’t decide if this trip is going to make it easier or more difficult to be away from everyone. I am, however glad that I have made it, be it what it may…

The drive has been pretty good so far with only a couple of minor instances. The first was being nearly run off the road by some trucker that either thought he needed both lanes or was falling asleep. I really don’t know which but I think that I saw my life flash before my eyes…

The other instance should include the headline: “crazy-lady-with-lit-cigarette-at-gas-pump” Kills 80. Seriously…now I know why you Oregon has decided that you are not allowed to pump your own gas. People this stupid really DO exist!!

I was minding my own business having just finished walking Aco. She was happily eating in the back seat on the floor. I was nearly done scraping the bug guts off of the drivers side window when a car pulled up at the pump beside me. A woman steps out of the car and lights a cigarette. “shit” I’m thinking….’’get that thing away from the pumps!” She starts walking away from the pumps (I thought) and ends up walking to the next row of gas pumps. Another car has pulled up there with her friends/traveling companions in it. I still am thinking to myself that she is going to walk away….

NO!! She ends up standing there within a hairs breadth of distance from the fumes wafting up from the ‘friend’ pumping gas and CONTINUES TO SMOKE!! Not only smoking but waving her hand (with LIT cigarette) around in the air for dramatic emphasis and chatting with her friend!!!

WTF !?!? The station is pretty full with most of the 12 or so pumps with people actively using them….I don’t waste any time and hop in the vehicle and speed off, passenger side window with bug guts still intact. I watch in my rearview mirror as I depart thinking that any time I will see a big orange ball of fire erupt behind me…

I didn’t….

So, maybe we should take Oregon’s lead and hire people to pump our gas. Not only in Oregon, but across the country. Think of the amount of jobs that would create. I know in my small hometown there are at least 8 gas stations and if you multiply that by three shifts/day it would create at least 24 jobs. Some stations might want to employ more than one person at times (due to amount of customers) and that would result in even more jobs. Just think of the number of jobs that would be created nationwide if we were to employ this strategy! It’s staggering…and we could avoid the fear of being blown up by the “crazy-lady-with-lit-cigarette-at-gas-pump” kinda people!!

Just a thought….

I am currently sitting on the South-side of Nashville as I write this. It’s near the end of rush hour so I decided to take a break and get a bite to eat. Hopefully, when I am finished the Interstate will be clear of traffic which should make my remaining ~200 miles much easier. I have decided to continue on to Louisville tonight. I have made great time today and am feeling great.

I missed a couple of hopeful stops here at the end of my trip but all is not lost. It was a timing issue and although I didn’t get to re-connect in person, I was able to talk to both on the phone today. Better than nothing, I guess.

Lisa is patiently waiting for me in Louisville and helping to keep me awake and un-distracted on the road.

I’ll update more as soon as I can….

Arrived in Louisville safe and sound. Visiting and enjoying a couple of days of down-time. I will be home on Tuesday and will update soon.

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OMG you leave on December 1st??!!! How exciting! I'm looking into preceptor opportunities in Germany, for sure. Enjoy the rest of your trip in the US!

by Kim

Thanks Kim! Hope to see you this summer...

by Khandilee

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