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An Update on Germany

I finally got my travel orders a couple of days ago via email. Today I went to the local Air Force Base to see about getting my flights arranged and my personal belongings shipped to Germany. I think I made about 2 dozen phone calls this morning trying to figure out exactly where I was supposed to be going. Jenni just laughed at me while I was grumbling after each failed phone call and a new number to try....

I made it to the first location on my quest and the staff were very helpful. It seems that I will not be able to arrange the shipment of my household goods from here because I would need to attend some sort of meeting that takes place on Wednesdays...If only I had known!!

At least I got the number to contact at Ft Knox so that I can take care of it there while I am visiting my Southern Indiana friends/family.

My second stop wasn't quite so friendly or productive...

I think I spoke to the most hateful bitch on the planet! She was snide and hateful in every statement/question/remark that she made to me during my brief 20 minute visit. This was at the transportation office. I couldn't get her to understand that I need to fly from Chicago and not somewhere local. I tried to explain that I was only here to visit friends and that I would be returning home (as listed on my travel orders) prior to leaving for Germany....uggghhhh!!

She gave me a form to fill out with all sorts of code shit on it that I had no idea how to complete. Every time I asked her a question, it was like I had told her that I wanted her to wipe my ass for me! Why she didn't just look at my travel orders and fill out the damn form for me; I will never know. It would have been twice as quick and I wouldn't have had to deal with her attitude or her deal with my lack of knowledge! btw...I told her on my arrival that I had NO CLUE what I was doing and that I was a NEW civilian employee; you would have thought that that would have been her first clue that I wouldn't know how to fill out the cryptic form...NOT!

By the time that I left the office I was pissed and near tears! I think that she is going to book my flight to Germany. She told me to come back in the morning and 'pick up your papers...and bring three copies of the travel orders'. Of course, she didn't offer to let me photocopy the orders there at the office where there is a huge copier right behind her well worn chair :o{ And she didn't keep a copy of my travel orders so I am a little concerned as to where and when she is going to send me on the flight....Who knows where I might end up with this bit@H working on it!

Tomorrow will tell.....

I am taking a deep breath and hoping for the best ;o[

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hey girl, looks like you are making your way around and having lots of fun,i love your photos, those sunsets are beautiful! i also like the tumbleweeds. hows aco doin with the road trip? is she ready for home yet? keep sending the pics and take care pet aco for me. love you, linda

by linda

Thanks Linda!! I have been very lucky to see some wonderful sunsets during my trip. Aco is tolerating me very well! haha She is a trooper. Love you too!

by Khandilee

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