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HalfWay Oregon

How did Halfway get its name?


The town is located "halfway" between the communities of Pine and Cornucopia. As the Halfway area became more populated with an influx of miners at thriving Cornucopia and more ranching families, a new post office was established in 1887. The name "Midway" was requested, but postal officials said it was already in use and suggested "Halfway." So Halfway it remains. For a short time Halfway became the nation's first "dot.com" city and some maps still depict Halfway as "Half.com."
What an interesting history. This is where I am sitting tonight as I write this. Halfway, OR is a small town on the way into Hells Canyon. Total population is 337 in 2008 according to the website. It was a dark drive in on Hwy 86 so I cant comment on what the scenery is like on the way here from I84. I can however say that it's a scary drive in the dark. Hairpin turns and roads that simply drop off into darkness were encountered on the drive out. The town encompasses a total of 0.4 sq miles. There are three restaurants (two of which are bars) and the entire town is closed up at 2000 excluding the two bars.

My friend, Lisa found the hotel for me online while I was driving and called to make my reservation. She was told by the owner that 'I go to bed at ten'. Mind you, this was at 1900! I stopped for a possible final feeding for the Explorer in Baker City before venturing out to find Halfway. The gas station attendant told me that SR86 '....isn't too far' when I asked how to get there. Hmmmm.... Further instructions included; 'it's all black-top' and 'careful for deer and cattle, it's open range out there'. At this point I knew that I was in for a fun drive!

I'll fill you in tomorrow on the canyon. I am soooo excited to see it......

Now, lets back up a little bit. I left the hotel this morning and made an unscheduled stop at a roadside park along the Great Salt Lake. There was a pay station at the entrance but no-one was there. The sign probably said something like 'Day Use Fee: deposit $10 entry fee into an envelope and deposit here' but who really knows what the sign said...I wasn't reading!
We spent about a half hour playing on the beach and Aco got a good dose of dirt/sand caked in her coat. Yeah ;o( She had a blast though... She did manage to get her feet just a little wet but decided pretty quickly that it was WAY TOO COLD for her to go for full body immersion. Thankfully! I can just imagine a wet and dirty dog in the car for 8 hours...ugggghhhh. Crises adverted!
CIMG1943.jpg CIMG1923.jpg CIMG1888.jpg
(see gallery for additional pics)

Next stop was at Twin Falls, ID. I have been through here in the past. Actually on the way to Elko, NV about a year ago. I wanted to stop and see the falls then but didn't want to take the time. I decided that it was now or never....and I'm glad that I did. My only regret is that I didn't choose a little warmer time of the year and that I didn't plan to do some hiking and spend the night here. The falls and the surrounding area were beautiful...

CIMG1987.jpg CIMG1982.jpg CIMG1981.jpg
CIMG1976.jpg CIMG1975.jpg CIMG1974.jpg

Now remember, this......
CIMG1992.jpg....is what I had been driving in all day and then the beautiful oasis of the canyon and the falls! I still am not certain if the falls are really as pretty as I thought or if my senses were just dulled by the previous surroundings and therefore the falls looked more amazing than they really were....hmmm?

And, just because I am a little strange....here are some pictures of the tumbleweed for you! haha

CIMG1970.jpg CIMG1968.jpg CIMG1970.jpg
I had a very enjoyable day and am still smiling. :o) How was your day?

(Don't forget to check out the photo gallery for additional pictures!!)

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candy, what gorgeous photos, looks like you are having a great time, and aco looks like she's having fun,too be careful on those wild roads out there!

by linda

Thanks Linda. IT's been a great trip so far! I'm always safe....

by Khandilee

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