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Pre-Germany Road Trip


Yes, it's a little spontaneous. Well, actually spontaneous would have been leaving on Thursday night when I was truly suffering from the travel bug. It really had me in it's grips on Thursday. I was ready to grab the backpack and Aco and start driving. I really didn't care where I went but wanted to go....

Instead, I held out. I have plans with Trinity on Sunday morning and didn't want to cancel. She has been looking forward to it for some time now. Not all hope is lost....

The explorer and I have plans to make a whirlwind trip to the west coast and back over the next 2 weeks. Aco will be joining as I speed across the US in attempt to say my temporary 'good-byes' to my friends throughout the country. It will be le-gen-dary!! haha

Our route will take us to Omaha, Nebraska where I will meet (finally) the recruiter that I've been working with for the past two years. I have some Vietnamese Dong that I promised him a while ago that needs delivered. Wonder if I can have him pay for my room in Omaha/Fremont in exchange for the Dong? Nah, probably not. Although the amount of Dong (btw, that is Vietnamese money) that I am giving up would allow you to live in Vietnam with food and hotel and play for about 3 days!!


Next we are headed to Denver. I plan to spend a couple of days in Denver with Teresa. I'll get to meet her sister that she talks about all the time and she told me that she has a stash of Washington wine to break open when I arrive!! Aco is excited about this because she gets to see Teresa's cat, Autumn again and torment her and she gets to meet a new doggie friend. Teresa's sister has a yellow lab that is looking for a playmate! They are going to have so much fun! Poor Autumn....

After Denver, I will be on my own for about two nights, traveling to Salt Lake City then through Boise Idaho and on to Portland, Oregon. In Portland, where I'll spend another two nights, Kim and Mike are waiting for my arrival. I am really looking forward to seeing them again, it's been too long. They have a new place there and Kim's been hard at work studying so hopefully it will be a nice break and my visit will provide a good distraction from all the hard work. Aco gets to meet another new doggie friend here. Kim and Mike adopted a min-pin named Bentley!! Yeah...more tail waggin' and playing.

It's going to be a long drive to my next destination, San Francisco!! I have missed it here. I am (hopefully) meeting up with Aaron who I will convince to take me to the little cafe (can't remember the name) in his neighborhood for a fan-tabulous lunch!! Knowing Aaron, it's hard to say what else might be in store entertainment wise from him. It's certain to be something totally spontaneous and fun.

I also get to finally meet Kim's friend Peter and his significant other. We have spoken on the phone and emailed back and forth and I am looking forward to meeting them.

Aco is looking forward to a reunion here with all her doggie buddies at Golden Gate Dog park as well as with her dog-walker Kimber! It's going to be great fun.

Whew....are you tired yet? I know I am going to be!! ;o)

I was hoping to make it to San Diego to see another travel nurse friend of mine but the timing isn't going to work out. She is leaving for a trip to Hawaii for her grandchilds birth and not going to be home. =(

I will spend the next two days traveling from San Francisco to Tucson, Arizona. Going to take a jaunt over the border to Nogales Mexico and do some medical supply shopping. New prescription glasses and shades, birth control, and what-ever else I think I need. Looking forward to some margarita's and street taco's, YUM :o}

It will be a little late for Halloween and a little early for Mardi Gras but we will head to New Orleans via Austin, Texas. I am hoping to crash for a night at Aaron's place in Austin on my way through. His mother lives there and she sounds like a doll. It will be wonderful to meet her.

New Orleans always holds a party and I plan to partake. I'll spend two days here. In addition to seeing my friend Stephanie (and her doggies), I will get to meet her son (finally), who is now over a year old.

I can slow down a little now as the next several stops are a lot closer to each other as I work my way back home for the finale'....

New Orleans to Destin, Florida to see Jen and her boys. It's been over 5 years since I saw them. Then onto Panama City to re-connect with another traveler, Pam that I met so long ago while working in Boston. I'll spend 2-4 days total in Florida, hopefully lounging on the beach enjoying the sun and sand and some great company. Aco will be happy to get her feet into the salty ocean water once again.

I am hoping to make a stop in Chattanooga, Tennessee to see a very good friend, Julie. It's been way too long. It's a shame how we disconnect from those that mean so much to us and loose touch.

Last stop before home will be Louisville, Kentucky. Here I will be busy: Teresa (from Denver) will be celebrating her birthday here and visiting another of her friends. I'm lucky to be able to see her twice on this trip. Lisa has offered a bed (thank you) and I'm certain that there will be some sleepless nights with Waffle House on the menu! I'm looking forward to seeing Randall, and picking his brain for all the 'techy' stuff that will help me keep in touch from Germany. Finally, I'll spend some time with the boy--child, Corey.

If I have planned it correctly and all goes according to plans, I will be back home for about 4-6 days before flying out to Germany (have postponed the flight for 1 week from the original plans). Dad and Mary will be escorting me to the airport in Chicago. I've reserved us a cushy hotel (for free with my points) for one night prior to my flight. It will be a busy time before I fly and I'm hoping to talk Mom and Donnie into either a cook-out or an early Thanksgiving dinner before I leave.

Posted by Khandilee 19:54

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I'm exhausted just reading this! going to be great to see you...safe travels

by msmitheman

WOW! I am exhausted just from reading about you trip. It sounds like fun though....you forgot that when you are in Oregon you can "swing by" and see me....lol

by sharon mclaughlin

Take some pictures of Portland while you're there.

I would have loved to see it while I was in Seattle, seems like a cool place.

Drive safely.

by Corey

Yeah me too Mike!!

Sharon...Anchorage is a little far for me to 'swing by' !! Wish I could see you though....

by Khandilee

Corey: I will certainly take pics...you know me!! Wish you could go with me :o(

by Khandilee

Yay!!! Maybe we can all go the Japanese Zen Garden while you're there? It's lovely this time of year. I can't wait to see you & Aco! Bentley says 'woof'!

by Kim

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