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All about the Food (in NOLA)

Yes, Believe it or not the NOLA trip was all about the food. I got to have some of my old favorites: Bloody Mary, Gumbo, Muffalatta, Port of Call, and Cafe' Du Monde...


I also got to try out some new places. Some fabulous fish taco's at Baru and Pizza at Angeli's!!

Aaron and I had a good time hanging out even though Ida put a damper on the crowd. I don't think that I have ever seen Bourbon Street as quiet as it was on Monday night. Even on Ash Wednesday, there were more people on the streets (even when all the bars were closed).

Aaron got to eat at Cafe' Du Monde for the first time and attempted to STEAL my portion of beignets!


After some difficulties; I was able to meet up with Stephanie right before I left town. Got to finally meet Nate!! He is such a cutie ;o) A little spoiled; but aren't they all? He is a total FLIRT too. I can only imagine what he will be like when I get back in two years!


I hit the road to Destin/Ft Walton Beach on a beautiful sunny day....great drive!

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Ida is Meeting me in NOLA

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A simple text message that Ida was planning a visit to NOLA. I was driving along minding my own business and enjoying the scenery (well not really enjoying the scenery...it is Texas), and I received a text message about Ida. Ok, what-ever. Deciding to keep moving forward (or East as it may be), I started thinking about my back-up plan. If Ida was insistent about meeting me in New Orleans, I would then head directly North toward home and unfortunately, not get to finish the trip as planned. This was not a pleasurable decision. I do miss everyone at home but am hopeful to be able to finish the trip and see the rest of my friends as planned.

On arrival to New Orleans, the news is good. It would seem that any fury that Ida was feeling (I can't imagine that I have done anything to piss her off), is slowly dissipating and she is changing path toward the Panhandle of Florida. Did she realize that I am going to be headed to Destin on Tuesday? She seems determined to meet with me! I was planning to leave NOLA on Tuesday and go to Destin to meet with Jen.

So to appease everyone at home and resign my position as a Hurricane chaser, I have altered my plans. I will now stay in NOLA an extra day and let Ida pass by me in Destin, the follow in her footsteps. I hope she doesn't get wind of my idea and change her plans!

I found (well, actually Lisa found it), the cutest little guest house here in NOLA. It's great....walking distance to the Quarter and a mere 2 blocks to one of my favorite restaurants; Port of Call!

Although tired from about 11 hours on the road yesterday, I forced myself to go out for a little while. Did I mention that I LOVE IT HERE! Met a guy; Branden from a small town about 45 mins north of here. He was great conversation over a drink, then I headed back to the room for some much needed rest.

Airplane Aaron is trying to decide if he is going to meet me here for a couple of nights....should be a fun time!

I'll post more later.

I colored my hair so hopefully Ida won't recognize me now!!!

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Just a quick blurb about Austin.

I don't feel like I got to see as much as I wanted to in Austin. It looks like a place that I would certainly LOVE. I need to make a mental note to go back and visit again sometime.

Aaron and his mom, Trish were wonderful hosts! My time was simply too short!

We went to an old theater, which I loved and watched Night of the Devil or something like that. It was perhaps the stupidist horror film I have ever seen. Prior to the movie, we had taco's at one of the many Taco Trucks; sorry :o( I can't remember the name. They were de-lic-ious!!

The south-side of Austin is a great place to explore (of course, I forgot the camera). There are tons of the old Neon Signs at the establishments and many of the shops and restaurants are funky/eclectic.

Aaron and I went out for a couple of drinks and the tower was lit orange for a team WIN!!

I am certainly looking forward to a future trip to Austin....

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I have always thought the the way there is the best part of any trip. It's never really about the destination, it's the journey and the experience. This has been a wonderful experience. I'm sure that I can't even put into words the way that I have felt during this trip. The people that I have encountered along the way have made this much more than I have ever anticipated. Being able to re-acquaint myself with old friends, meeting new ones and the kindness of strangers always astounds me.

Chance has been on my side more than once. Being able to meet with Teresa in Nebraska after a near 5 year absence was astounding. The timing could not have been planned. The kindness of people that I have never met (Jared the hitchhiker, Brent and Peter in SF, and Trish; Aarons mother and Eric in Austin), and the ones that I have only met briefly (Judy); was so much more than expected.

Arriving in Austin on the morning after the massacre at Ft Hood....a somber experience, the news constant and the flags at half-mast.

Hours alone on the road with the reflections of my own thoughts. Finally understanding that as much as others touch my life, maybe I am leaving a mark on them along the way too. It's a good feeling.

I have been very lucky to be blessed with so many friends in my life. I have to remind myself that they are there...sometimes, I feel alone because the friends I have are so far away; but I guess they are only as far away as I make them.

I am over half-way finished with the trip; a trip that I had expected to be about two weeks and I am already three weeks on the road. Lots of good times had and hopefully many more to come!

Note: To EVERYONE; Please realize how important you are to me and how much each of you has affected my life. I truly mean it when I say that I want to return your hospitality (so get those flights to Germany booked!). Letting me crash on your couch or occupy a spare bedroom was much appreciated; especially when you have important things going on in your lives and my planning was at best last minute.

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